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I think its possible that I’m so bad with girls in real life that it’s gotten to the point where we just have to pay them to be in our video just so I can make out with someone.

- Josh Ramsay, Marianas Trench  (via eat-sleep-trench)


"I’m just really bendy"

…that’s what she said


A-Sides Interview with: Marianas Trench! Love how Ian made them all smile<3



AP Interview with Marianas Trench!
The boys got haircuts!
Josh’s hair is soooo blue now .-.

This was my favorite Josh hair


This is horrifying



Because Marianas Trench are lame and haven’t released new music yet here is a set list of one of their live performances.

1. Ever After 2. All To Myself 3. Shake Tramp

4. Fallout 5. Stutter 6. Desperate Measures

7. Truth or Dare 8. Beside You 9. Toy Soldiers

10. Celebrity Status 11. By Now 11. Haven’t Had Enough 

13. Cross My Heart 14. Porcelain 15. God Only Knows and Skin and Bones

16. No Place Like Home

Listen Here

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